Where Oh Where Did My Little Blog Go?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My sentiments exactly... Charity of the heart from an LDS (Mormon) perspective...



  1. We need to talk very badly. I am moved deeply because of Cammie's song and your heart for her. God bless you.

    Lori D
    p.s. I "featured" this blog on the top of my own blog.

  2. Cammie can rest in assurance that your love for her is absolute and unconditional...exceeded only by that of God himself. "Unconditional" does not allow for exceptions...even, by some, perceived sin. Never doubt the beauty and Godly love you are giving Cammie. She will need you every day. Hugs, Suzi

  3. Cammie is truly blessed to have you as her mother. Parents in general should sit back, shut up, and *learn* something from what you are sharing with all of us. My parents and siblings shun me because I am a male-to-female transsexual. They have no desire to try to learn why I had to transition, much less get a glimpse of what it's like to be me. When I was little, I had a large collection of super-hero action figures. I wasn't allowed to have the Wonder Woman figure, or the Batgirl figure. My father pressured me into peeing standing up, more than once. I think my parents had always known something was different about me, and tried so hard to change me. I recently transitioned to living as a woman full-time, complete with changing my name. Now my family acts as if I am dead. I have not heard from them since Christmas. It's because of this that I am profoundly touched by your love, understanding, and acceptance of Cammie. What happened with me is not going to happen with her. I'm sure you realize that you've spared Cammie so much heartache and emotional turmoil. Yes, there are tough times ahead, but she has her mother's love, and that is *such* a precious thing to have. Even though I don't know Cammie, I am so grateful that she has a mom like you.