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Sunday, August 5, 2012


I've never met any human being more courageous than my daughter. Her courage gives me strength. I often wonder if God sent her into my life to teach... or if He's blessed my life with her for my enlightenment and spiritual growth. Perhaps both? Regardless of His eternal purpose, I thank Him for this experience in my life... for courage... for strength... for faith... and for love that knows no boundaries.

When I first met my amazing husband, adversity was my constant companion. I was alone... I was afraid... I lacked confidence... and I struggled with faith. Pessimism was infectious, and I was always "coming down with it". John came into my life and, over a significant period of time, our involvement evolved into a relationship based on the fundamentals of friendship. He was always there to inspire me and give me strength. During the darkest hours of my life... fear was the "captain of my soul".

During a particularly difficult time in my life, John said something that inspired me and strengthened me. I carry it in my heart, always... He said, "My dear, COURAGE is not defined by a lack of fear... Rather, it's the ability to act in spite of it"

Likewise... C.S. Lewis (one of my favorite authors and philanthropists) once said something poignant, and it has become one of my favorite quotes. Such a beautiful concept...


I have elaborated to define courage as faith in the unknown... willingness to walk alone... optimism in the face of adversity... and acting on truth without regard for consequence...

This is dedicated to all of you who have exemplified the courage to be true to yourself, and to my beautiful daughter and the inspiration she has given me...


  1. You and your daughter are the inspiration for the rest of us. For you to believe in and help Cammie be the beautiful young lady that she has become. I believe this is due only to your support of her. She has the most wonderful mother that any young lady could possibly have.

    You and Cammie truly display the Love of Christ. Maybe the Lord has a different path for both of you to follow, now that you are free from the church you previously attended. I believe that all you really need is the Bible and your faith in Jesus Christ to sustain you. I will continue to pray that you find a Bible believing and teaching church to attend. The Lord will provide. He always does.

    Hugs and Prayers to you both.

    In Christ's Name,


  2. I just wanted to say I think what you're doing for your daughter is beautiful and courageous. She will be so grateful to have had such an understanding and compassionate mother. You are an inspiration to parents everywhere and I hope that one day, when I have my own kids, I will be as open and loving and awesome as you.

    You have a gorgeous family!

    Are you on Twitter? I'd love to follow you!

  3. I posted a few years ago but prefer to stay anonymous. It broke my heart to read that you had to pull away from the church. I don't blame you at all because I understand all too well. It is unfortunate that members don't practice what they are taught and I don't mean you. I live in Salt Lake and know personally someone that was raised female. Served a mission as female and later transitioned to male with the full knowledge and permission of the first presidency. He was given the priesthood and married in the Temple. But too often the local church authority lets their own medieval bias get in the way. I say medieval because many approach transgenderism the same way the flu was approached in the 1600s. Like they were possessed or committed some evil sin. The following is for those that disagree with the path that Cammie has taken.
    I would like to offer a message to those that disagree with you in your family circle. But first a little background.
    My family has been LDS for 6 generations. I have an unshakable testimony that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I served an honorable mission in Europe and was privileged to participate in bringing over 34 souls to the waters of baptism. Unheard of in Europe and impossible if the spirit is not with you. I have always been and am currently active in the church. I have served as Elders Quorum President and several other callings. I was married to my best friend in the Salt Lake Temple and have 3 daughters. I am what is expected of an active church member.
    I am also transgendered. I have felt strongly that I was a girl from my earliest memories. I have been in counseling for it for years. I know in your biased uniformed view you are probably saying to yourself... "see, if he can overcome, so can Cammie". You are full of yourself and do not have or understand the love of Christ if THAT is your attitude. Has it EVER occurred to you that Cammie, or myself for that matter does not have anything at all to overcome? Maybe this life test is actually for you, not us? Jesus commands us to love everyone. To have compassion for everyone. But because the birth defect that we suffer is just too hard for you to wrap your brain around you think that we are the exception to what the scriptures teach us. I did not transition because I would have been thrown out on the streets by my father the Bishop. I did what I had to to survive. I haven't overcome anything. The suffering I feel has never gone away and will undoubtedly get progressively worse as I get older. The God I believe in would not want that for me or for Cammie. It is too late for me. It would be extremely selfish for me to transition now. But it is not too late for Cammie. 2 out of 3 transgendered people at least contemplate suicide. Think about that for a moment. No, think about that for the next few weeks. Then be honest with yourself. Is Cammie being transgendered a test for her.... or for you? Many are called but few are chosen, and most will fail this test because they think it is a test for her.
    Cammie, you and your mother are amazing, courageous people. I can only dream what it would have been like to have such an awesome mother like yours. Your family will always be in my prayers.