Where Oh Where Did My Little Blog Go?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wherever You Go... There You Are.

I haven't blogged in some time now. Literary expression has always been a powerful outlet for me, and lately... I have felt like I need a good purge. Our little family has been through a great deal in the past few years... a lot of changes... a lot of growing pains... and, MOST importantly, a lot of blessings. My husband recently made the statement, "No matter where you go, there you are." I've been thinking about the simplicity of that statement a lot lately, and the profound significance of it's meaning. So often, we set out on a "pilgrimage of sorts" searching for a quick fix to life's complexities. We invest a significant amount of time and money, looking outside of ourselves for the solutions that are (without exception) neatly locked within each of us. Our challenge is to embrace every opportunity to discover and cultivate each God given attribute. Becoming spiritually self-aware is the ONLY way to "unlock" the answers that will bring peace into our lives... answers that quietly exist at the heart of WHO we are. Life is a spiritual journey designed to teach us to recognize ourselves... the way our Divine Creator sees us. Not through the eyes of men or a society that worships beauty, social notoriety, popularity, wealth, career accolades, and the like. No... life is SIMPLE. It is our own disillusionment that complicates us and leads us astray. What matters... what REALLY matters... is that wherever we go, THERE WE WILL BE. I have a personal credo... something that I carry in my heart and soul... something that life has taught me, and I live by this philosophy. "I don't believe in regret... it is nothing more than a symptom of self-loathing". I believe that life is about learning. The only way to learn and grow is through experience. Experiences impact our lives in a multitude of ways. It's what we choose to do with them that matters. No matter what you've done... no matter your failures... your successes... your accomplishments... your trials... your blessings, they all have one VALUABLE thing to offer - an opportunity to learn. I am learning to accept the good AND THE BAD in life for the GOOD of learning. I hope that one day I will achieve the kind of spiritual enlightenment that will help me to understand my relationship with God, who I am meant to be, and accomplish those things that have been prepared for me in this life. Then, perhaps, "wherever I go - there I will be"... divinely familiar, without regret and full of gratitude for ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN MY LIFE.