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Friday, April 6, 2012

"Naturally Born"...

"YOU WERE NATURALLY BORN A BOY"... This was the assertion that laid the foundation for the 20/20 special presented in response to the controversy surrounding the transgender Ms. Universe contestant from Canada. "You were NATURALLY BORN a boy". I watched the program this evening, along with many other parents of transgendered youth... I watched to see where society stands with respect to this issue. Where are we going? What is being conveyed? What is understood?

It was the opening statement of the program, and the words "NATURALLY BORN" echoed in my heart. The statement was never clearly addressed, and the program flowed past the huge "purple elephant" that took center stage on my television screen. The program persisted... "What was your name"... "When did you change gender"... even the details regarding the surgical reconstruction of the genitals were discussed, as the transgender experience was microscopically dissected as if it were a tissue sample in a pathology lab. Yet.... the bold assertion that introduced the segment was left unscathed.

What does it mean to be "NATURALLY BORN"??? I grew up in Montana, land often referred to as "God's Playground"... a scenic representation of God's divinity. The land is "natural"... It's untouched, just as God created it. This is also what it means to be naturally born... an untouched SOUL... an individual who is divinely beautiful, just as God intended. If someone asks about an individual's "nature", do we respond by describing physical or spiritual attributes?

I was bothered by the statement that introduced the topic and established the focus of the program. The most important concept that needs to be conveyed is the fact that these individuals are "naturally born" as spiritual beings consistent with their gender identity... not with the gender that is assigned to them at birth. This concept is SO important that it annuls all others. If this precept is clearly understood, then the in-congruency between the body and soul wouldn't be an issue at all. Individuals born with gender in-congruency would not become a National media sensation every time they overcome insurmountable challenges to achieve success. Someone who succeeds, despite the adversity in life... someone who beats the odds... someone who overcomes the ridicule, torment, judgement, and discrimination of others... someone who "rises to the top", BELONGS AT THE TOP. Whether or not she is allowed to compete... whether or not she wins is insignificant. She doesn't need the crowning glory of others to prove who she is. She knows who she is. She has succeeded in who SHE is. On that merit alone, she's an icon and a role model.

I know that the only way that people are ever going to understand this experience is by proxy... through the testimony of those "called" to walk this path. People will never understand by relying on optical illusions to teach them. This understanding must come through a testament to the heart. This path is a pilgrimage for those of us who have been called to navigate through the road blocks, storms, and potholes in a grueling effort to succeed... the length of the journey, the mountains that must be climbed, and even the final destination remain unknown. Those of us who walk this path know ONE thing - we MUST take one step... then the next... then another. We must persist until we find it. The unknown requires faith, but through complete faith, we will reach the journey's end.

This little corner of the world, "Cammie's Song", is my personal outlet... my place to teach, to testify, and to grow. Four years ago this month, I met my nine year old daughter for the first time. In doing so, I had to face the reality that she always existed but I never knew she was there. Tonight I realized why the assertion "YOU WERE NATURALLY BORN A BOY" bothered me so much. For nine years I didn't understand the divinity of human "nature". My understanding was based solely on what I saw... not what I felt. I thought my daughter was "naturally born a boy". "Seeing to believe" was the source of my own deception. I have been blessed to gain a testimony of this sacred truth... Cammie was "NATURALLY BORN" a divine daughter of God. She is, ALWAYS HAS BEEN, and always will be my little girl.

Cammie's self-proclaimed anthem illustrates her experience...