Where Oh Where Did My Little Blog Go?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On your mark... Get set... Go where???

Well, it's nearly midnight and I'm awake in a quiet house... a house filled with the chatter of my thoughts and the love in my heart. I got off work late and had to go to Walmart to buy some Gatorade, snacks, running shorts, socks, and - of course - yellow ribbon with white polka dots for Cammie's french braids tomorrow. She made the track team at school and tomorrow she will compete with children from all of the schools in the county... on the boy's team.

Tomorrow I will wake up bright and early - shower and get ready, braid her beautiful blond hair and tie it up with the cute yellow ribbon that screams "CAMMIE ELAINE IS HERE!" Every courageous step she takes in life boldly announces her existence and purpose with the same unspoken sentiment.

I will drive her to the school where she will get on the bus, then follow the crowd of competitive kiddos to the school (a good distance away) where the track meet is being held, park in the parking lot with the rest of the parents, and find a seat in the observation stand. Garbed with the typical video and camera equipment, sunglasses, and ball-cap... I will shout, whistle, and cheer louder than any parent in my own personal competition to convey love and support as my little girl takes her place on the track with all of the boys. She will take her place and run with every bit of strength in her little body to win the race in an effort to prove that you could "cram her in a blue box made of steel", but she'd burst right out because diamonds can cut through anything.

I am in awe at her courage and overwhelmed by her conviction. NOTHING in life seems to intimidate her or hold her back. She's more stubborn than a pack of mules and more determined than anyone I've ever known. She's got something special, and it only takes a moment in her presence to recognize it. Her spirit is radiant and she shines, leaving a lasting impression on those blessed to know her... truly know HER.

I was thinking about life in it's true analytical sense and the proverbial "race" it represents, and the words of my father from years ago echoed in my heart and quieted my fear and anxiety over what will be, a very public statement of her identity... "It doesn't matter who wins or loses, or how someone makes it through the race. In the end, all that really matters is the good you do along the way that will guide you to the finish line."

It doesn't matter if Cammie wins tomorrow, or loses the race. In my heart, she has already won. She's got courage, conviction, and passion. She believes in herself and loves life. Nothing stands in her way. She's not afraid to be the beautiful child that God created her to be, and in that event... she has already won first place.


  1. Amen to that, sister! Cammie has indeed already won! I'm rooting for her!

  2. Carry on Mom! You are just as special as Cammie. :)Suzi

  3. Cammie is an inspiration to all of us.

  4. All that I can think is WOW. show 'em girl!

  5. Can I ask how it all went?